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After 10,000 hours of biblical study and contemplation of our metaphoric universe spanning fifty years, I came to the realization our English Bibles were the end-product of historic manipulation and intentional mistranslation of the Old Testament Hebrew as well as the words of Jesus in Aramaic that effectively removed the Divine Feminine and thereby altered Mankind’s perception of God (the Gods who are one) and the essence of who we are, created in their image.

In Aramaic, the word spirit is clearly feminine as in Holy Spirit. In truth, there are Aramaic scholars who have provided English translations directly from the well-known and most ancient Aramaic language spoken by Jesus and his disciples in which they restored the ancient feminine Eloah in verses such as Matthew 5:8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see Eloah. The word Eloah was used fifty-seven times in the Hebrew OT being quite similar to the Aramaic language. In yet another translation via a unique Aramaic dialect, Eloah is spelled Aloha; revealing how the word traveled across continents over the millennia all the way to Hawaii, where it is used as a warm, soft greeting that means love. Contrariwise, it is rather obvious the same word was translated in Arabic into the male Allah.

Yet the effect of all this went far beyond the Christian and Islamic demographics which now make up over 50 percent of the world’s population; as it had a profound influence on the rest of the world looking in, due to the great fame of Abraham as well as Jesus, who as the fullness of the Godhead in bodily form, was in truth the temple of the Holy Ghost: Her grace, wisdom, and gentleness being encased and protected as it were by the Alpha Male.

As the shekinah glory in the OT (always known by Jewish scholars to be feminine) She was also veiled from sight in the holy of holies while the Israelites were on their journey through the desert and She was leading them via a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night, while Christ was following them.

This also explains how Moses became the meekest man on earth and even more patient than Yahweh/Christ when Moses stopped him from destroying Israel in Exodus 32:10 when he used the telling phrase “Let me alone that I may consume them,” revealing it was not good for the alpha male in heaven (or the alpha male on earth, Adam) to be alone (Genesis 2:18). Yet afterward Yahweh repented, revealing a staggering depth of humility.

While some may think this is a reversal from the husband being the head of his home and his wife, that is not where this book is going. What I will point out however is how God did not place the man over the woman until after their fall in Genesis 3:16, which tells us this was not the way we were originally designed to function as husbands and wives. The fall of man (as it is often called in biblical theology) was a fall from everything the man and his wife were created to be.


Notice how Christ through the temporary process of salvation was always destined to restore us all into this very image of God … to be like God, which is God’s eternal purpose laid out for us in Genesis 1:26–27, for the joy and eternal pleasure of divine fellowship as we can only be one with God to the extent we are like God.