The Author

Maria Olon Tsaroucha, the originator of Perceptual Acting and Directing (PAD) introduces the use of quantum physics, new trends of psychology, self-awareness, neurolinguistics programming, meditation, empathy, Ethos-value system and acting as tools for a substantial difference and evolution in human consciousness.
During her years as an actor, director and acting teacher she is developing her philosophical and practical approach to a new interpretation of what it means to be an actor in life and on stage.
She has written her first book at the age of thirteen and is acclaimed to be the youngest Greek author ever.
She is a founding member of the Actor’s Society of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, a member of the Hellenic Physicist Association and of the Advisory Futurist and Media and Arts Board of Lifeboat foundation.
She participated in TEDXAUEB presenting her work through the performance “Knowing thyself, the eternal process”. She works on helping the vulnerable groups of women and children at war.
Her research and study on the SupraConscious actor began seventeen years ago and is in progress.
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