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Nowhere to Hide

It is 1939, and Adolf Hitler is on the move. After the Germans invade Warsaw, Josef and Anna Jaffe, along with their infant son, Josef Jr., suddenly find themselves desperately attempting to escape the hardships of the Ghetto. During their flight, Josef Jr. tragically dies at the hands of their guide. Anna becomes determined to exact her revenge on the Germans.

When Josef decides to join the Polish Underground, he and Anna take part in the famous Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. They soon discover that war comes with both sacrifices and blessings. After they adopt an orphan, he valiantly tries to fit in with his new family. While he is accepted by Anna, he must struggle to win approval from Josef. In the closing days of the war, the Germans suddenly begin pulling out of Poland to protect their homeland. Everything changes. Before it is too late, Anna struggles to find a way to exact her revenge. What she does not realize is that fate is about to intervene.


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