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Deep Calls Too Deep

Over the years, I’ve always felt I had a great relationship with the Lord. I was told I was a gifted child. I would hear things or see people that weren’t there. My grandmother Letha Mae would tell me that it was a gift from God, that he would one day use me to HELP (healing everything life presents) people. Yes, what a life to live! For that reason, I stayed close to God as I could. I lived in much fear and silence in an upside-down world that never stopped turning. The tears I shed and the rejection I witnessed became my personal testimony.

I felt I needed to keep this a secret. In order to do so, I talked less. I would dream, and the next day, I would be walking into my dream. They sometimes dictated my day. As a child, I’ve always wanted to just grow up, live my life, get married, and have children with God being the center. I’m living in a world they say is normal, which seems to take me on a different path in life.