Think like a King – Book Overview

Men are people too. They struggle with life situations and decision making. Most unnecessary drama occurs in a man’s life when he is out of alignment with God, his faith, and his purpose. Think like a King will help a man to center himself on what is important and will encourage him to take decisive, positive action to building a better relationship with himself, his God, and his environment.

Think like a King will help a man strengthen himself with improved alignment, awareness, attitude, action and achievement. Using the inspiration of King Solomon’s Proverbs and examples from the Napoleon Hill’s Law of Success, the reader can renew his faith, transform his thinking, and achieve God’s purpose in his life . The daily activities will lead to self-awareness, self-development, self-actualization, self-management, self-determination, and success.

The overall theme of Think like a King is to help a man become the best version of himself. It encourages him to live his life with positive energy, good decisions, and constant connection to the all-knowing God. The Book of Proverbs was written by Solomon to provide practical advice to the reader. Proverbs discusses every life situation. If applied consistently, the practical advice will help the reader live a less complicated life by letting go of the irrelevant and unimportant. The end result is a man better aligned with himself and his faith.

Think Like a King is written for men who lead. It is written for fathers, and men that need a father. It is written for a man who is committed to achieving his purpose in life and is willing to pay the price for victory. It is written for a man who desires lasting success and riches. It is written for a man seeking inner harmony. It is written for you.

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Think like a King

Think like a King