The Exciting World of a Police Chaplain – Book Overview

A few years ago, I began to have some ideas about writing a book detailing my experiences as a town police chaplain in the State of Indiana. After briefly considering each of these ideas, I decided not to take on that awesome responsibility, particularly because I had never written a book before in my entire life! However, every now and then I would get the same idea in my head once again. The last time this occurred, I felt it much more strongly. I felt that the Lord was calling me to write such a book and to do it as a ministry in His name! As I gave the idea a lot more thought and began to put a few more concepts together, I really began to feel a strong urge to go ahead with it.

There is a very strong need for more ministers to serve as police chaplains, and a special need exists for more women to get involved in the profession, in my opinion. Because of these needs, I wrote this book especially for existing ministers and ministerial students, in hopes that more of them might choose to become police chaplains. This could be done along with their other ministries: as volunteer chaplains; as a part-time, paid chaplains; or as full-time chaplains with a law enforcement agency of some type. Police chaplains serve on the local, county, state, or national level, in many varying ways. This book could also be of a general interest to lay persons who just want to see what a police chaplain is and what he or she does.

I sincerely hope you enjoy the book, and may you receive a blessing from reading its content.

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The Exciting World of a Police Chaplain

The Exciting World of a Police Chaplain