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My brave wife is a victim of a D.U.I. collision, a common tragedy Americans suffer and tolerate. Why? Americans conditioned by perception management crave alcohol!

The culinary industry insists beer, wine or a cocktail is necessary before, during and after a meal. Advertisers feature star athletes and Hollywood celebrities to extol the youthful pleasure of liquor. College curriculum – drink and be merry. Auto insurance agencies defend the drunk driver. The Courts practice a “catch and release” rule of law for D.U.I. crime. Politicians legislate D.U.I. leniency. The public accepts the inevitability and unpredictability of the drunk driver, like a bad weather disaster.

D.U.I. victims are cry-babies paying slick lawyers to exploit the system for undeserved reward. The truth, American D.U.I. victims suffer, denied justice and restitution for injury. The drunk driver regains the privilege of driving, celebrates with a cocktail, watching the game, the sport stars hawk a new brew. God Bless the Highway Victims.