Riding the Dark Horse – Book Overview

Years ago, Lama Nicholas Packard’s mother unexpectedly died after a routine medical procedure. Left stunned and confused, Packard vowed to unearth the truth as to why her life ended so abruptly. As he embarked on a decades-long journey throughout India, China, Tibet, and Bhutan, Packard came to realize how Westerners have been led down a dark path lined with assumed truths and falsehoods. Through this process, he discovered a painful truth – we are living a lie.

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Book Review and Testimonials

“The book, Riding the Dark Horse and The Fall of Man was handed to me by Lama Nicholas as my closest friend of many years, a cancer patient, lay on the bed after receiving a session of his healing. She had been exhausted and frail, unable to sleep for days at end and her digestive system had been wrecked by the long sessions of chemotherapy. Yet two weeks through, she beamed, the glow back on her face, well rested with hours of the elixir of sleep and her digestive issues settled. When the Dr. Rohotgi, the Cancer specialist at Max Hospital sent her for an assessment, the C.T. Scan left us all stunned. There was an unexpected remission of the disease. The healer had given her an opportunity to claim her life back!

When the Hands that heal and give life pick up the pen, the writing must have an understandable energy and life force that flows through it. The Dark Horse speaks to the side of you which is your strongest asset yet lost within the web of the material and illusionary world. As you reach the last pages of the book you are not the same. You are more aware of the possibilities of your mind and soul and in touch with your most sacred gift. You are ready to reclaim nature’s strength and its energy that you carry within.

It is a journey through time of who we are, what we were meant to be, and what we have lost. It is a very evolved piece of work and reveals the brilliance of the mind of the writer as he artfully brings in the teachings of Aristotle and Plato and then delivers you through time up to today where you see yourself as you are. Lama Nicolas has a way of saying it all without pushing his opinion.

Riding the Dark Horse is unputdownable. I see it as a cult book and I am inundated by requests for my copy. I am looking forward to it being available in India soon. It needs to be read and hope it gets to millions of hands. I wish it all the success because I believe in it.” Nelofar Currimbhoy (President Shahnaz Herbals Group of Companies) New Delhi India – 11/2917

“This is to affirm that Lama Nicholas has almost miraculously rolled back my cancer within 15 days. He has a gift and the background which almost raises him to the level of a Saint.
I hope that he continues to use his powers to give faith and help to all mankind in the days to come. One wishes him all success and a long life.”
Rita Kumari, New Delhi, India
November 24, 2017

“I attended several of the Lama’s talks and they were truly wonderful. His explanations were informative and enlightening. I also had a private session with him and I can say it was one of the most amazing healings I have ever had. I have been in the metaphysical world for most of my life and have met scores of healers from many different modalities, but Lama Nicholas Packard was among the best. He approaches the human body from both the spiritual and the physical like the dual beings we are. Amazing!” Donna E., St. Petersburg, Sept. 2017

“Lama Nicholas is a Master Detective in finding your energy blockages which could be caused by anything – your mental-emotional life, your diet, lack of exercise, etc. He is a Maestro in removing them. He moves you through a strong physical and energetic removal process. The result is a huge clearing, a Reset! But, for me, the work he does at the beginning of the session with your numerology — it knocked my socks off. This was my biggest Reset – to find the imbalance and blockages between my life path number and my name. I’ve had several numerology sessions before, but Lama Nicholas was the one who showed me how tweaking the numerology of my name is a game changer for life. It opens everything in a new way. And I am seeing it in action now.”
Vicki P., Tampa, FL, – May 2017

Riding the Dark Horse

Riding the Dark Horse