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The Good Boss

The Good Boss is someone who has clear focus, inspiring language, and impactful actions that get results for their team. This book is purposely written with the intent of delivering crucial topics that are simple, credible, and tactful. It is for anyone who is committed to being a Good Boss and not just interested when it is convenient for you. Your duty in this role is to inspire, listen, and lead your team down a path that has clear results defined. As a boss I know that it is you who sets the tone for your team and provides a place of certainty and growth. You make people feel significant and what they do determines the company’s success. You definetly encourage new ideas for the business, and contributing back to the team and the community. I am proud to be called an expert on the topic of what it means to be The Good Boss, and I am able to support my advice with experiencing the things that work and don’t work as a boss myself.


I hope that in reading this book, you will discover something that you could be doing better to make your team successful and happier. Again, take it from me. I have managed many people and have compiled the simple things that actually work. It doesn’t matter what type of business you have, there is a simple code that will make you and your employees lives easier and fulfilled. It is how to get the legacy of the Good Boss is created.

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