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When a bear, eagle, whale, elephant, camel, and other creatures experience pain, they react sanely.

Instead of getting hysterical, they find a safe, calm place to heal and be gently settled, which fosters their natural restorative, pain-relieving endorphins and potent immune stimulators to be released into their bloodstreams. Without a pharmacy, medical clinic, hospital, surgeon, or psychotherapist, they instinctively lay still and start to heal.

Humans, on the other hand, add to their anguish by entering a fight, fright, or flight mode, which should only be reserved for life-or-death moments. We spook ourselves and compound the problem at hand by thinking things such as:

  • Crap always happens to me. God must hate me.
  • I bet this pain in my armpit is cancer.
  • These pains will never go away. I’m just a loser.
  • If they force me into less pain meds, I can’t make it.

Break free from those thoughts and discover an endorphin paradise with the insights in this pain-relieving guide.

Dr. Alan Cooper explores why humanity has lost its natural pain-abating ability and how trusting our guts—literally—can help us overcome our fears, pains, and personal traumas to heal ourselves.