Growth is an impulse of all things living. It is the primary movement and expression of anything alive. In people and groups, we see this represented as the evolutionary impulse: a pattern of coherence that guides the universe and all beings towards enlightenment. Wherever there’s a spark, whether creative or destructive, that is the evolutionary impulse trying to set the conditions for next level of growth and healing trying to happen. Living systems follow this impulse by nature, and we believe that human beings can re-learn how to access this potential through intentional group work.


MatrixWorks is a revolutionary process that utilizes principles of New Science, Whole Systems Thinking, Hakomi Psychotherapy, Spirituality, and Contemporary Psychology to understand and support the growth and development of healthy functioning groups and individuals. At its core, MatrixWorks exists to teach groups how to thrive as living systems, and individuals to take leadership in their groups and lives. This book gives you the teaching frameworks to create this aliveness in yourself and the groups in which you participate.


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