Christianity Is a Kingdom – Book Overview

Christianity Is A Kingdom is written to empower you and make you useful for your generation. It is to help you fulfill your purpose on earth. It is a not just an intellectual property but a resource to help your spirituality. It is to create the awareness in you that every child of God is a King who has the Kingdom to protect. Every believer of our Lord Christ must understand that Christianity is a Kingdom.

Chapter One explains what Christianity is. Chapters Two and Three explains what the Kingdom is about. Chapters Four and Five guides you on how to live for Jesus and develop godly character for the kingdom. Chapter Six warns about Kingdom distractions and Chapter Seven gives concrete strategizes the church can employ to fulfill Kingdom mandate in this generation and the future ones.

This book is not to redefine the church but to explain who we are and why we are children of God. In this book you will learn deep things about the Kingdom and the marriage between Christianity and the Kingdom. Christianity is not another religion but the way of life tailored after a person-The man Jesus Christ.

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Christianity Is a Kingdom

Christianity Is a Kingdom