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The Little Little Tiny Tiny Small Small House is a picture book that tells a story of a young lady who realizes the infrastructure of her time has changed from the beginning of civilization. The characters reveal the necessities of daily living. Old Hot George keeps the house warm. Busy Betsy cooks the food with Grandma Lillie’s help and Sudsy Suzy keeps her clean and refreshed.

The story reveals to children that Bootie’s grandparents reside in the little-little, tiny-tiny, small-small house and share their simple lives with her.

In her book, author Barbara Winningham, captures a time when people were thankful for what they had; when people expressed enjoyment with hardships and had great respect for each other.   As you read and look at the colorful illustrations, it becomes very evident that life was simple, uncluttered and happy. Bootie so enjoys the needs of everyday life in the unique characters of the book.

Filled with vivid, colorful, easy-to-follow illustrations, The Little Little Tiny Tiny Small Small House presents to all readers a clear view of how modern conveniences, as we know them, could change at any given time. Viewed as a series, this story continues in the same vein of the author’s first five published books- The Turtle Pit, My Kitty Dog, Chatter’s Nut House, The Mud Racing Contest At A Town Called Toad Suck and Shadow Chaser. We see many different pathways of information, guidance and inspiration revealed to the young reader’s mind.