Reloading – Book Overview

This publication is an informative guide book on reloading to include equipment and accessories used as tools of the trade.  It also includes my extensive experiences as a reloader of approximately three hundred thousand rounds during the past thirty-five years.

The book covers fourteen chapters with a major emphasis on Dillon reloading equipment and its many accessories. It does include discussions on other products from major manufacturers.  Other chapters mention such subjects as reloading dies, primers, new pistol powders, reloading the 9mm, plated/coated/moly bullets, special topics, FAQs, and the Ruger American Pistol reviews with my experience loading for this firearm.

This book is not an A to Z manual on how to begin reloading. It is a highly referenced publication that is written for all working reloaders who want to learn more usable info and wish to develop a lifelong hobby—practical volume reloading.

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