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Inspired by and Dedicated To is Doug Dial’s latest work, which is overflowing with stories and poetry of inspiration, encouragement, and hope. Thirty-five of the author’s acquaintances are highlighted in this manuscript.

Each chapter begins with a brief look into one of his friend’s lives. What follows are the poem, poems, or stories they have inspired him to pen. The stories and the poetry contain a variety of subject matter including peace in the midst of the storm, dealing with grief, faith, hope, love, courage, and a host of other uplifting topics.

Doug is related to some of these people. Others are former classmates. Many have mentored and trained him in the Word of God. Several, he has had the privilege of teaching in a church or school setting. Some, he has known for years; others, he has met only recently. All of them, however, hold a very special place in this author’s heart.