Book Overviews



FINDING ANDIE is the true tale of a rescue dog named Andie, with a heart of gold and soulful eyes, whose journey begins when she is adopted by the author at just seven weeks old. Andie impacts lives from an early age and continues when she becomes a certified therapy dog. With her gentle spirit, she opens closed hearts and brings joy to those she meets. This is not only a book of a canine spirit of kindness, but how such kindness brings out the best in the humans she impacts.


The compelling story guides the reader through Andie’s work as a therapy dog at a skilled nursing community. It is about the meaning of life and the recognition of what one dog does to impact the people she touches along her path, some on their final journey. It reveals their stories of joy and sadness through their companionship with Andie. It is not just the story of a dog, it is a story of what one dog, through trust and unconditional love, does to bring out the best in people. What they reveal to her are their deepest thoughts, feelings and stories, and she is the one who brings to the surface what has meant the most to them. They need her. She is the kind and gentle soul willing to listen without judgement, willing to love and be loved.



Being a role model is significantly different than being a leader. Leaders tend to develop strategic plans and surround themselves with individuals that will follow this plan. A role model on the other hand, inspires others to utilize their individual strengths and passions to create a successful environment together. This book is a simple guide that carries us through the journey of what a role model is and how you can demonstrate day in and day out the attributes that will lay the foundation for becoming that leader that people look to and hope that someday they can emulate their leader’s role model behaviors and success.