“A fun and insightful book on how a millennial launched and grew a successful business – with lots of hard-earned lessons.”

–VERNE HARNISH, author Scaling Up (Rockefeller Habits 2.0) and founder Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO)s


Book Overview

Stupid Enough to Succeed opens the door to the most contemporary business start-up methods available to today’s entrepreneur. The book guides and inspires youthpreneurs on the most cost-efficient ways to ramp up their real-world businesses quickly. Written by a millennial for the millennial generation, this is not your father’s start-up guide.


Praise For The Book

“Stupid Enough to Succeed tells the true story of entrepreneurship, It means falling down ten times and getting up eleven, it means shirking better judgment and common sense to pursue crazy ideas…some of which actually work.”
—BRUCE ECKFELDT, Inc. 500 CEO, Writer for Inc.com, Certified
Gazelles Coach
“Stupid Enough to Succeed is everything but stupid. It is smart, entertaining, real, practical advice to get your business up and off the ground successfully.”
—MIKE MICHALOWICZ, author of Profit First
“Get up, decide what to do and do it. If your dream is to build something or provide a service that people will pay for, you’ll put yourself ahead of everyone else by reading – and applying – the advice in this book.”
—JASON W. WOMACK MEd, MA, Author and Cofounder
of GetMomentum.com
“In my coaching practice I always emphasize tenacious tactical execution. Stupid Enough to Succeed is all about how to implement great ideas and I heartily recommend that budding entrepreneurs read it and consider Jeff’s advice.”
— DAVE SCHOENBECK, Business & Executive Coach and former SVP at
Babies “R” Us.
“Stupid Enough to Succeed is a must read for any entrepreneur thinking about starting his or her own business or to grow their business. Jeff’s hands-on style comes through as he shares the real life ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.”
—JACK KILLION, Serial Entrepreneur & Author of Network All the Time,
Everywhere, with Everybody
“This book should be called ‘The Real-Deal to Starting a Business’ because that is exactly what it is. This is the most accurate account I have ever seen in print about what the startup experience is really like for everyday entrepreneurs.
Reading this book will save you time and money if you take heed. (Definitelynot stupid!)”
—JILL JOHNSON, CEO, Institute for Entrepreneurial Leadership