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All that I have told my children for the past forty years are coming to pass. Read these pages seriously, please.


Pay close attention to page 27 and to Our Lady of La Salette on page 3 and the true possible dates given by saints of this century. God reveals “Satan’s Plan” going into action and allowing his vicar Pope Leo XIII to hear the conversation, but the total conversation was given to St. Marie Julie Jahenny, a French mystic and stigmatist, tells of the ending times and the great change that will take place, creating a new church with new preachers (wolves in sheep’s clothing), new sacraments, new temples (churches). Novus Ordo. Our Lord said the elect would be deceived in the latter times. He wondered if he would find anyone holding firm to the true faith at the end of time. Learn who Luisa Piccarreta is and what she is trying to tell you about the “Divine Will” in the sixth period.


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