Book Overview


A workbook and a manual, It’s Worth a Try, by author Nicola Goodland, gives a voice to children, from newborns to eighteen year olds.


Using the questions, advice, and workspace in this book, a caring adult can check in with the growing child to ensure they are okay. It recommends that adults help kids with their problems and make sure they feel comfortable speaking out about the good and bad things they are experiencing in their life. Goodland suggests taking a photo together each year to chronicle the child’s journey and how they mature and change.


A tool for aunts, uncles, godparents, grandparents, friends, and anyone who loves a child, this guide helps responsible adults to keep an extra eye on them as they grow. In this world of crime, mental health issues, and more, It’s Worth a Try seeks to offer kids a safe and healthy childhood to ensure the prosperity of future generations.