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Statistics tell us that some of the key reasons why people do not attend church are the following:

—The church is filled with hypocrites.

—The church is only about money.

—The church is exclusive or like a big clique.

I believe that the root of this negativity is mediocrity in the modern church. Unfortunately, the Christian church at large has become an organization where excellence is no longer prized, expected, or delivered.

Using the analogy of two pieces of carpet, the first represents the lives of God’s people at present; and the second, our lives when we first came to Christ. The author explains how God wants to rub us the wrong way in order to remove the irritants in our lives that keep us from serving him with excellence. Just like cleaning carpets, God wants to rub out those things that are not pleasing to him and rub in those things that are so that the reflection of Christ is shown in our lives.