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Dove How Love Captured My Heart

Dove is a beautiful young woman who lives in rural Ethiopia. She has a heart to be married and searches for love every day. Each day she leaves the village to get away from her life as a young woman, longing for love.


One day, Dove sees a group of young men who visit every year with the crusade in Ethiopia. She notices one young man in particular who notices her in return. She wonders if he might be the one to win her heart, and yet she feels uncertain. But when a prophetess tells her that what she’s longing for is closer than she thinks, Dove reconsiders her reaction to the young man. She soon learns that his name is Destiny and she has fallen in love with him—and he with her. Although there may be obstacles to their love, with hope and faith, Dove and Destiny will find a way to build happiness and a life together.