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Animals and Us

Animals and Us is a beautiful collection of illustrated children’s short stories, written from the point of view of endangered species and how they encounter their changing environments.

As readers, we learn to empathise with the sometimes life-and-death struggle each creature faces. We also witness their resourcefulness, as they compete to survive in a habitat changed by the humans around them.

An eclectic mix of birds, beast and butterflies, Animals and Us transports us across the planet and under oceans.

Written for children of all ages, each story is a thought-provoking, imaginative and uncompromising voyage into the animal’s mind’s eye, and the effect we are all having on our precious world.

Illustrator and author, David G Shaw (1942 – 2016) won acclaim from family and friends for this charming and original collection of children’s short stories, now published for the very first time.