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The Final Sunset

Set in a time when the sun is about to super nova and although the people of Earth feel they have plenty of time in celestial years there is very little time if the world is to be saved for posterity. Influenced by 3 young scientists, the people of Earth devise an initial plan to protect the planet from consistent and damaging elongated sun flares.

While the plan they devise will not alone save the world it will buy time for technology to catch up with ideas and to overcome the squabbling of academics. The estimation is that it will take three extended generations to do so.

The second generation devises the plan that together with Mars, Uranus and Titan one of Jupiter’s many moons, to involve the moving of planets and satellites. A very daring and dangerous plan in which the world could be prematurely destroyed.

In this period the Solarians as they are now known come into contact with some very unsavoury aliens and war ensues with many expected results.

The buck now passes to the third generation who get the responsibility of flying their massive star ship into space in search of lebensraum. The size of their mobile world, almost a solar system in its own right, intimidates different species and no matter what the Solarians do they can find no sympathy among the inhabited worlds.

The Solarians are considered to be the most technologically advanced species in the universe but the Platyrrhines are possibly even more advanced in a different direction. The emphasis shifts from physical competitiveness to intellectual manipulation.