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Michael was looking forward to early retirement but under duress answers the call of duty one more time. He was also preparing himself for marriage to Madeline, one of the brighter things to emerge from his espionage activities and adventures during the early 1970s.

His boss, Sir Malcolm has other ideas, however, Steiner, Busty, Wilhelmina and goodness knows who else were still out there and so was the mystery of the Amber Room, the Amber necklace and the brooch. Retirement was totally out of the question therefore.

Michael given the circumstances decides he has no choice but to confront his demons, go back into the thick of things, locate Busty Hoedown’s lair, solve the remaining issues, and repair his reputation as best he can.


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A shaft of light penetrates the unpredictable world of espionage. But will it be enough to save our hero in the murky world of spy counter spy.

Meddling pompous civil servants in Whitehall exasperate Michael, seemingly making matters worse.

Some new and familiar faces pop up adding sparkle, wit and intrigue. But who has the original amber necklace at their disposal?

And what is the connection if any to the infamous Amber Room.

The plot is contagious the narrative strong the characters well developed. An exciting denouement awaits its readers.


Michael meets Wilhelmina at Victoria Station. Both are about to board the boat train to Paris.

Then Michael intends to carry on to Switzerland, where he has some kind of business. Wilhelmina is sultry, slim and elegant, in the manner of Ava Gardner. Later on the boat Michael meets Madelaine Fox. They quickly establish a close rapport. Neither of the two women is what she seems. Nor, for that matter, is Michael.

The narrative and the characters are well developed. here is an exciting denouement.

Paul Dasilva has written an excellent tale in the manner of a Hitchcock movie. Highly recommended.