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Empathy Beyond Imagination

Ten Short Stories

At the heart of psychotherapy is empathy—understanding what another is experiencing by imagining their world. Yet even therapists can sometimes unintentionally experience empathetic failures that, in the worst case scenario, come with grave consequences.

In ten unconventional psychological stories, seasoned psychotherapist Bryan Hazelton explores the ordinary and unconventional, reality and fantasy, humanity and God, the past and the present, survival and loss, devotion and betrayal, empathy and disconnect, and man and machine. From the psychotherapist who utilizes unique methods to help his patients to the patient harboring a secret just before she is to marry her true love to another psychotherapist whose happiness is sadly dependent upon how others see him, Hazelton leads others down an empathetic journey as an eclectic group of characters eventually learn that magical influences can create novel outcomes.

Empathy Beyond Imagination shares a collection of short stories that help open possibilities and broaden empathetic skills by countering deeply rooted expectations as to what is fair, normal, right, or appropriate in the complex world of psychotherapy.